Biopak LLC is the first private winery in KOSOVO which it has been established since the year 2002.

Winery Biopak LLC it is located in the west of the city of Rahovec, Rahovec otherwise is known as the capital city of viticulture in the region.  Archaeologist has found an  epitaphs from century 1 AD found in Rahovec on which is engraved with castles grape vine that proves a thousand-year tradition of cultivation of grapes in this regions.

The company Biopak LLC has started with a capacity of 800 HL, today our winery has a capacity of 22000 HL.

Our Brands:

Since 2002 until 2010 the winery is known as ILIRIA or ILLYRIAN, in 2010 we expanded our range of products where we created the brand Muratti.

Our products are:

White Wine:

Chardonnay, Grasevina, Pinot Blanc and a table White Wine,


One Rose wine which is produced from the Pinot Noir grape,

Red Wine:

Vranac, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, merlot and a table Red Wine.

Our products from the beginning cover the whole territory of Kosovo, by 2010 Biopak LLC begins with exports on the European market and at the moment Biopak LLC winery is exporting 90% of yearly production.

States in which our winey is Exporting are:

Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Rumania, Germany, Switzerland, Macedonia and as last success in 2014 we have exported for the first time in Japan.

For export success in these markets shows the quality of our wines!

BIOPAK Shpk, 21000 Rahovec, Kosovo.

Sheshi Sadik Shala no No.

Email: [email protected], [email protected], Web:

Mob: 00386 49 230 440, 00386 49 124 515.