EU supports wine processing company BIOPAK

Wine producer Biopak from Rahovec/Orahovac has been one of the recipient of the EU financial assistance to agro businesses. Deputy Head of Cooperation in the EU Office, Libor Chlad has visited the company today to see the results of the EU investment in the amount of almost half a million EUR. “EU has been supporting the agricultural sector for its potential to grow and create employment for people in Kosovo rural areas. Winegrowing is promising in particular thanks to its long-established tradition in this region. I am delighted to see that our investment helped Biopak to increase the capacity of quality wines and offered employment to people from the local area, whether directly on the new premises or indirectly to farmers providing the grapes for the wine production. Winegrowing is an example of how specialisation and hard work lead to excellence and success on global markets”, said Chlad.